WIAW #7: What I WILL eat :)

Hey all !!!!

It’s been a while… things have been crazy busy over here lately with work, marathon training, studying, figuring out where I’m going to live after my lease is up and trying to enjoy the nice weather while all of this is going on.


For today’s WIAW post…(thanks Jen for hosting as always) since I did not take ANY pictures yesterday this is what I WILL eat today… all planned out look at me !  

Peas and Crayons

After my workout this morning.. Breakfast was just some oatmeal with a banana in there I forgot to take a pic of!

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So last night I got home rather late from work, and Blue Apron was delayed due to the crazy weather here (supposed to come on Tuesdays) so I had NO FOOD in the house.  We decided to order some Italian… apparently I was HUNGRY because my eyes were much bigger than my stomach.. Pizza + Salad + Bread + Lentil Soup… I didn’t even make it to the salad.. so it’s Lunch today !!! I can’t wait…

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I bought these apple chips while shopping for my foodie pen pal box… Omg.  Guys these are DELICIOUS and So healthy !! There are literally two ingredients on this list.. Apples and salt lol I saw some other versions like Mango so… def going back and grabbing these..

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Also a delicious apple.. 

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Dinner tonight will be Blue Apron I am excited for this week it looks really good!  Tonight’s meal will be 

Pan-Seared Hake

with Eggplant Caponata & Fregola Sarda

Pan-Seared Hake with Eggplant Caponata & Fregola Sarda


I have also been loving my yogurt concoction lately.. I added some peanut butter puffins to these last night so this may be in the cards for my sweet tooth tonight.. speaking of which..my sweet tooth has been OUT OF CONTROL lately and I am trying to not eat chocolate mindlessly especially at work when it seems there are always sweets at the office !!! will report back tomorrow on this one..

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Five Things Friday 4/11

Happy FRIDAY!!! I am so happy its the weekend.  I am planning on running down the west side highway this weekend for my long run and very excited about that.  There are always so many people and the weather is supposed to be beautiful !!!

Some random things for 5 things Friday….

Five Things Friday

1. My latest snack of choice..  Sometimes I am in the mood for chocolate, but am actually hungry so need something filling.  Greek yogurt is great bc it has a lot of protein but my taste buds don’t like it just straight up.  Lately I have been mixing hot cocoa powder, a drizzle of honey, and some almond butter together and it tastes great.  It hits the spot for healthy, filling snack, with chocolate and some sweetness.  You should try it..yummm

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2. My dinners this week have been AMAZING thanks to Blue Apron.. I have the recipes and these are totally things I may make again on my own.  I’ll do a compare to their pictures on the website they are pretty similar :)

I had Ginger soy glazed salmon on Wednesday… you guys… the salmon skin was SO nice and crispy and the sauce was TO DIE FOR!!!! The sauce was a mixure of this garlic bean paste, sesame oil, and siracha… Served over soba noodles OMG amazing.. anyone ever eat soba noodles they are sooooo tasty and actually good for you !!!

Here is their picture…Ginger-Soy Glazed Salmon with Broccoli Rabe & Soba Noodles

And now mine….Displaying photo 2.JPG 


3. I am still slightly obsess with my girl scout Samoa creamer that I brought it into work so I can have it every morning.  Also do you guys remember how I was talking about artificial sweetners and how i’m trying to wean off of sweet and low?  Well i made the migration to Sugar in the Raw !!  Doesn’t taste as sweet but I think my taste buds are liking it…

Displaying photo 2.JPGDisplaying photo 1.JPG 

4. Since this was my last Flourless muffin of the week.. looks like I will be baking again this weekend :)  Any suggestions?  Maybe some protein balls?  Here are the recipes I have been pining this week to make..

My last muffin :(

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What I am pinning.. Quinoa cookies !?!??! Very interesting may have to try these things…

Secret Chocolate Chip Quinoa Cookies: http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2014/02/26/chocolate-chip-quinoa-cookies/

Orrrr these 4 ingredient cookies I have been eyeing for weeks…

Made with just just 4 ingredients – bananas, oats, peanut butter and jelly!

5. Things I hope to cook this weekend…

Tomato Basil Chicken - over 500K people can't be wrong!  This step-by-step photo recipe is a huge hit with families, date  night, and company.. and comes in under 30 minutes with all fresh ingredients.  <3  <3


We’ll see what happens on #5…

Have a great Friday!!

WIAW #6 In a fog

Hey guys !!! Can you believe it’s Wednesday again already!?!?  Thanks Jenn for hosting as always!!

For some reason… I woke up in the middle of the night (this was Monday night) and my stomach was KILLING ME !! What gives !?!? I thought maybe I got food poisoning or a bug or something but never actually got sick !! Anyway that meant I was in a fog.. all day…

Peas and Crayons

I did NOT go to the gym… buttt I’ll show you my new gym bag that just arrived from amazon!!  Suggestion courtesy of my cousin :) This bag is GREAT, the perfect size, and I love the ventilated shoe pockets.

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Breakfast was a bowl of oats… I promise I’ll change it up soon!! Its just the easiest to grab and go when using quick oats! Speaking of oats… I am already running out of almond butter.. didn’t I JUST order those three jars of Barney’s a week ago?  Maybe 3 weeks ago idk?  I have been adding banana while I cook the oats which makes them extra tasty yummmm..

Lunch was another salad bar trip at the cafeteria (old photo).  Decided to eat with the co workers and was a litttttle self conscious about taking a pic in front of everytone lol

Snack time… I only have one of Amanda’s Chocolate Chip Flourless Almond Butter muffins left !!! Sad face :( :(

Displaying photo.JPG

Seems like I am in a chocolaty snacking theme.. not sure if this is good or bad or most likely because I was dead tired.

Displaying photo.JPG

Dinner so the last thing I wanted to do was cook because I was SO TIRED.. but I had chicken I needed to make.. so decided to use one of these Campbell’s skillet sauces.  These are SO good I have tried every single one.  They are very flavorful and literally takes only 15 minutes to make.  My most favorite is the fire roasted tomato but I haven’t seen this in my stores lately :( so I whipped up the toasted sesame with some rice and brussel sprouts.

Of course I forgot to take a picture.. I blame it on my lack of sleep.


Have you guys tried these sauces?

What are your favorite things to eat for breakfast I need some new ideas !!

MIMM: Weekend Highlights !

Happy Monday everyone!!! I decided to link up to this Marvelous Monday and share some weekend highlights thanks Katie for hosting !!!


Marvelous wereAmanda’s Flourless Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Muffins… Amanda. You are a GENIOUS.  These were amazing.  Very light and fluffy and gasp dare I say moist>>>>????  These things were so easy to make I threw everything in my blender and them plopped them in a muffin pan.  So.. I think I put too much in each holder because these muffins are HUGE.  I also used regular chocolate chips instead of mini because I mean more chocolate is better right?

About to go in the oven…

Just out of the oven…


Marvelous was… my 10.8 mile run with my friend Alisa on Sunday morning.  I feel stronger and stronger each weekend.  This is the farthest I have ever run and it felt great !!!!  The trail was a bit hilly but I think that’s making my legs better and used to outdoor terrain. The only thing I would change… eating beforehand.  We left at 6am so I literally woke up 5 mins prior and left running!  Next time I will at least eat a banana or something because i was STARVING halfway through and couldn’t stop thinking about food !! AHHH

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Marvelous was… the biggest bowl of oats in the world after that long run.. Included everything but the kitchen sink (Banana, almond butter, greek yogurt, cinnamon)

Marvelous was this buzzfeed 75 thoughts ever runner has while out for a run.  I literally do ALL OF THESE THINGS when running.  Does anyone else argue with themselves whether they should wave to other runners?  And then think about pizza?

Marvelous was… my trip to target and these Fiber One bars I discovered that taste amazinggggg

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Talk to you all soon !!!


Five Things Friday Things

Hey everyone and happy Friday !!!! Although, I will have to work this weekend.. womp womp mood killer right here.. 

I decided to join today’s Five things Friday 

five-things-friday- must-reads!

1. Busy night = Fast dinner.  The other night I got home from work late, did NOT feel like cooking so whipped up a tuna fish sandwich with cous cous and vegetables on the side.. random.. yes. I hardly ever make sandwiches for dinner but this was fast and easy !

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2. I really want a new bathing suit but hate spending so much money… I love the whole fringed top you see here.. but not about to drop $80 bucks on JUST THE TOP… anyone have any good sites where they order bikinis???? Less than $50 bucks for both top and bottom or am I being too cheap here?

3. Per a suggestion from my mom, I have been trying to drink coffee without sugar… it is painful.  Normally I used sweet and low but have been reading it is SO BAD for you.. so went cold turkey.  Not. Loving. it.  Any suggestions?  I have also tried truvia but this just doesn’t cut it for me.. maybe my taste buds will adapt???

4. I know I have been talking about Blue Apron a lot but this was my fav meal of the week.. yes I could have made chili myself but it was delicious.. and I love how they sent me THE MOST PERFECT avocado ever.  I NEVER find any good ones at the store either they are too ripe or not ripe enough. yummmm

Displaying photo 1.JPG

5. I rented a book from the library and didn’t finish it in time… sad news.. I now I need to renew it again ahhhh !! Anyone read this book, Ive been liking it so far !!


Happy Friday !!!!



Happy Wednesday !!!! I love WIAW but still manage to forget to take pics of my food what the heck !!! Anyone else have this issue ??  Anyway thanks Jenn for hosting!!!

Peas and Crayons

So yesterday I tried my FIRST EVER oats in a jar.  I must say this was quite a success. Easy to carry to work and easy to dispose of!! No Tupperware to take home!!! Lol I always feel like my dishwasher is full off Tupperware and constantly cleaning it.  Anyway…

Quick oats, cinnamon, plain Greek yogurt, and almond butter in a jar.. I loved the extra AB to scrape up on the sides of the jar :)

Lunch consisted of some leftovers.  I made skinnytaste healthy baked chicken Parmesan Sunday night and had some leftover.  I forgot to take a picture so just picture this wonderful plate below.. Picture the chicken with some cauliflower and sweet potatoes in your head !

Followed by my favorite Luna bars yummm..

And followed by a golden delicious apple..

Dinner last night was a blue apron meal called Tilapia Veracruz.  This one called for a lot of prep time.  I sliced and diced olives, onion, garlic, jalapeño, lime zest… Note to self buy a zester ASAP.  I tried to chop up the lime zest real fine with my knife but when I was eating kept getting huge chunks of lime in my mouth… not great.  Other than that I loved the yellow rice and the sauce the tilapia was in so good !!!

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Finished the day off with one of my fav oatmeal cookie in a mug cakes!  I got a new microwave a few months ago solo I cooked this for a tad too long butttt it was still edible.. Not how I like though which is very ooey gooey :)

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My First Foodie Pen Pals!!! (March)

Hey everyone !! Today I have an exciting and new to me post!! I have been reading blogs for a while and quite a few times came across “Foodie Pen Pals” posts.  I saw that bloggers send each other little foodie goodies that they enjoy so the other person can experience new things.  I thought this was SO cool, I saw it pop up on a few blogs in February and thought it would be really great experience and something I wanted to try so I signed up for March Foodie Pen Pals with Lindsey from The Lean Green Bean!

Click on the picture link below for more information on how you can sign up too !! I loved choosing my favorite foods to send to someone else and also loved the new and unique foods I received!!  I was matched with a wonderful woman named Katie and we quickly learned it was both of our birthdays this month !! Let’s jump into what she sent me!

The Lean Green Bean

Who else just LOVES getting boxes in the mail ??

The box was PACKED with awesome goodies…

And she wrote the cutest note detailing each item..

She made a snack mix with wasabi peas, walnuts, cranberries, and crunchy things!!  This was gone within a few days… so good yummmmm

Some cake flavored lip balm !!! omg love this stuff.

Do Si Do Girl Scout cookies.. ummm I didn’t even get to take a picture because they were finished so quickly :)

These sugar snap pea chips were also gone SO quickly.. salty and very light !

I can’t wait to try the artichoke dipping sauce and blueberry bliss !! There are so many ways to use the blueberry bliss on the backside it says you can use it in pancake mix, as cream cheese, cheeseball or dip!!!

This creole seasoning was something I have never had before and was great on some fish and shrimp I made with veggies one night!! Love IT !

Also the ring pop brought me back to my younger days, used to love those things!  This was so much fun I can’t wait to do it again next month!!

What do you guys love about foodie pen pals??

Weekend Things

Hey all !!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend… thought I’d share some interesting thoughts/food highlights

Blue Apron Day 2 was also a greeeeeat success.  The BF RAVED about it at work to anyone and everyone that came within earshot :) .  It was fennel rubbed pork tenderloin with grapefruit, purple rice, and mustard greens.  Pork tenderloin is not something I would ever think of making on my own, so I am SO GLAD they provided it.  I followed the instructions, it was so easy and came out nice juicy and tender.

Displaying photo.JPG

To change it up on Saturday morning I made a nice egg white broccoli fritata.  I forgot how much I love eggs and wish I had more time to make them on the weekends.

Topped with ketchup of course.

I also decided to do some baking and tried to make Amanda’s soft and chewy protein granola bars.  I realized after I already started mixing things up that I only had chocolate protein powder instead of vanilla grrrrrrr.  So I just went with it.. I think vanilla would have made these even better but hey they turned out great and were so easy to make !!!!

Confession… I have already had 2 or maybe 3 today…

yummmm..Confession #2 I may or may not have added more chocolate chips than the recipe called for 0:)

I also made a trip to Panera over the weekend (love Panera) to get a nice salad.  I saw they had a new Mediterranean shrimp and couscous salad so went for it… It did not come with dressing?  Not sure if that was a mistake but went back and asked for some since it was a little dry.  Overall a good salad but I’d say the portion was a bit small for me or maybe I was just super hungry.

Displaying photo.JPG

Now why was I so hungry?? I am still training for the half marathon and ran 9 miles on Saturday !!!!  This is the furthest distance I have ever run in my life so I felt very accomplished.  Today my legs are sore though, and on my training plan I should have done 6 Saturday and 9 Sunday.  Oh well I wanted to get the long run over with by maybe its best to do shorter then longer?  Any idea?

Displaying photo.PNG

Anyway.. I really want to watch American Hustle tonight… I see that its on demand now..

Have a great rest of the weekend !!!



Thinking Outloud: Blue Apron

Hey all !!  Yesterday got the best of me and by the time I got home I was too exhausted to write my WAIW post.. but luckily Thursdays are for thinking out loud !! Thanks Amanda for hosting as always :) 

1. I saw sushi over at Meredith’s blog the other day and got THE ultimate craving.  I haven’t had sushi for SO LONG and NEEDED IT.  I skipped the gym and went to sushi.  First, I started off with some edamame of course.. i could eat this stuff every day.  I used to buy the individual packs and snack on it but haven’t done that in a while… (note to self add to my shopping list) I also LOVE the house salad with ginger dressing and wish I could buy something that tasted like this.  I seriously want that dressing every day.  I was huuuungry and ordered the maki combo (3 rolls) salmon avocado, eel avocado and spicy tuna.  YUM.  Heaven.

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Obviously I was so hungry I was more than halfway done when I realized I wanted to take a pic LOL

Displaying photo 1.JPG


2. Dove chocolates.  Anyone else love dove chocolates, or the messages in side?  The other night (after sushi) I had a few with my hot chocolate and the strangest thing happened… Maybe its a sign? Not sure of what.. lol

Displaying photo 4.JPG

3. I need a new gym bag.  I wanted to buy this one but it’s on backorder.  Anyone have any suggestions I really one one that has a separate ventilated shoe compartment.. i hate when they smell up my clothes !!! 

4. Blue Apron:  I know a lot of food bloggers are all about making their own food.. but to be honest sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy after a long day at work to think of something to make, go to the store, and actually get home and cook it !!! My brother tried it and I saw a review on Julie’s blog that she tried Blue Apron so I said hey why not ??  I must say I LOVED day 1 of Blue Apron.  Guys the food was AWESOME.  What did I like about it? 

    – Convenient (Arrived right on time Tuesday evening in a perfectly packaged, sealed, cold, box)

    – Fresh Food (I rarely buy fresh herbs so it was really AWESOME to have them delivered and LABELED for me)

    – Relatively Healthy (About 670 calories per serving.. the fish was fried but I mean it was SO GOOD)

    – Budget Friendly ($9.99/person per meal)

    – Tastes amazing and SO FRESH! 

    – All meals cook in 35 mins or less 

They send you a package with step by step instructions.  Day 1 was Pan – Seared Cod and Roasted Red Potatoes.  I LOVE the pictures and the menus. They were so easy to follow and everything was right there in the package I mean EVERYTHING even down to the garlic and mayo.  

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Step by Step directions were awesome, I followed them to a T.  

Displaying photo 1.JPG

Our meals?  They were so good we ate every last bite.  I especially loved the mayo/parsley/caper/lemon etc sauce.  It was like fish and chips you would order at a restaurant !!! All in all I would highly recommend it.  

 Has anyone else tried Blue Apron ?  

Would you like or dislike it?  

Happy Thursday !!!

This or That ? (Food Style Survey)

Hey everyone !! 

I’ve been seeing a few different surveys going around the blog world.  Since I am a new blogger around these parts I thought it would be a great way for people to get to know me better, and so I can get to know you all too !!  This one is from Courtney’s blog way back in 2012 but I really like this food related survey so here it goes !

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke zero !

Lemonade or fruit punch?

Hmmm I don’t often drink either of these but would have to say lemonade if its freshly made 

Caramel apple or cotton candy?

Cotton Candy !

Butterfinger or Snickers?

Omg DEF snickers, I don’t like how crunchy butterfingers are and they get all stuck in your teeth.. weird??

Pudding or Jello?

Since I love chocolate I must say pudding.  Also, hate the consistency of Jello aaaaad it reminds me of college jello shot days.. ew 

Turkey or chicken?

This is a tough one, I immediately thought of a turkey BLT from Jimmy Jones… yummm ahhhh but eat chicken more often.

American or Provolone cheese?

Provolone, with my turkey sandwich above :)

Crackers or cookies?

Cookies !! You guys know I have a major sweet tooth right? And my most recent obsession.. chocolate shortbread protein cookies and oh did I mention that I have EVEN MORE girl scout cookies now… do you see SEVEN boxes now..not good. 

Pretzels or chips?

Pretzels, love them eat them very often and always have a package handy in case a craving hits!

Displaying photo.JPG

Mexican food or Japanese food?

SUSHI.  I. LOVE. Sushi.  I even make it at home often.

Chinese food or Italian food?

I could eat Italian any and every day.  Love my grandma’s home cooked meals !!!

Ice cream or cookies?

ICE CREAM.  Guys.  I am obsessed with ice cream.  All of my friends know I have an unhealthy obsession with the stuff.

Speaking of which, I want to eat this right now.. 

Pasta or pizza?

ummmm ahhhh I would probably say pasta.. I love bolognese sauce and pasta is such a comfort food for me and at my fav italian restaurant Graziellas there is this seafood vodka sauce OMG to die for.  I would choose that over pizza any day.  

Soda or juice?

Soda, I like the bubbles.

Chocolate bars or chocolate truffles?

TRUFFLES. Yum. I want some now.. I love when they are nice an gooey in the center.  

Apples or bananas?

I eat an apple a day but.. love bananas more.  Especially in my smoothies…

Salad or soup?

Salad, I LOVE salad bars.  See my salad bar lunch from yesterday… Yes I loaded this up and yes it was expensive.  

Cauliflower or broccoli?

Broccoli def I eat it all different kinds of ways, roasted, with cheese, teriyaki etc.  

Onion rings or french fries?

French fries !!!! Did you see my late night snack the other night???

Displaying photo.JPG

Blizzard or McFlurry?

Blizzards are sooooooo good 

Fried or poached eggs?

I absolutely loved poached eggs.  At brunch on sunday of course I ordered poached eggs.. LOVE when they are runny.

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Crepes or pancakes?

I love pancakes.  I am too lazy to make them but often order them when going to the diner (Of course as a side to my poached eggs)

Hash browns or roasted potatoes?

Roasted potatoes, I really love to roast sweet potatoes as you may know. 

Oatmeal or cereal?

Oatmeal, do you see my breakfast almost every day??


What do you guys like or what would you choose to some of the questions above??