5 Logo Branded Chocolate Gifts that will Impress Clients

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Are you looking for ways to impress clients? Trying to think of something special that says you appreciate their time (or wish you had more of it!), but that is interesting and memorable?

We’ve got some great ideas. And yes, they all have to do with chocolate.

We are firm believers that the way to creating a lasting impression is by going that extra mile and doing something memorable. It doesn’t have to be over the top, just thoughtful. Interesting.

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No one in the world needs an extra pen, magnet or water bottle. But what the world needs more of is high quality chocolate.

So why not brand some chocolate with your company’s logo and start impressing those clients?!

For clients you already have and for the ones you are chasing, it’s important to stand apart from the competition. And it’s smart to do something unique that captures the spirit of the branding you have worked so hard to create.

Here are some great (chocolate) ideas that you can make all your own using your company’s logo to really make it special.

Classic Belgian Chocolate Bar

Let’s start with the most obvious choice, the tried and true chocolate bar. These aren’t your average slabs of chocolate you can find on store shelves. You can order these Belgian milk or dark chocolate bars with your corporate business logo engraved directly onto the chocolate.

And don’t stop there — customize the wrapping, too. Printed in high resolution with bright, bold colors, you can give your clients the joy of unwrapping these unforgettable treats. Kind of like when you were a kid, but better in every way imaginable.

Cookie Box

This idea is a sweet spin on the classic chocolate square, treats and delicious cookies that are emblazoned with your branding. Again, these are no ordinary cookies that come in a bag, these delicacies are made with quality ingredients and packaged to perfection. So it’s time to ask yourself, who’s the smart cookie now?

Chocolate Golf Balls

Ok, not everyone is a golfer, but a lot of people enjoy golfing! And a set of chocolate golf balls are so cool that they might not get eaten (right away). Why not send over a box of chocolate golf balls with an invite to meet you on the links? Or send them during the winter holidays as a reminder that golf season is right around the corner.

With a fully customized and full color printed box, these super special gifts are next level. The most important deals happen on the golf course, so remind your clients that you’re game and ready to do business.

Printed Envelope Chocolate Trios

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You start with a beautiful custom printed envelope that perfectly displays your company’s thoughtful branding. Then inside are 3 individually foil wrapped chocolate pieces that are each custom engraved with your logo.

This way your client can share and pass along the branded chocolates to others. It brings a whole new meaning to “word of mouth.”

Chocolate Business Card

We love this unique idea, and isn’t it time for business cards to get a little upgrade? Choose from decadent Belgian milk or dark chocolate, depending on your taste. These brilliant business cards come engraved with your contact info directly onto the chocolate.

Worried that your digits will be lost for good once the chocolate is gone? Worry no more, each chocolate business card comes packaged in a high quality paper box so that your information will live on.

These are just a few of the cool things you can do with custom engraved chocolate. Maybe you have an idea not listed here — some shape or design that you think would be perfect in chocolate form. There are companies that love to hear these ideas and work hard to bring them to life.

Impressing your clients takes some effort, especially if there is competition nipping at your heels. For success in business, you need to ask yourself what can you do to keep them engaged and happy? It takes work.

Chocolate business cards


Here’s a list of some of the most crucial things you can do to impress(and keep) your clients:

  • Call them regularly — it’s not always easy to set aside the time but it’s much more effective than an email.
  • Respond quickly — if you lag, they will leave.
  • Create a product people want (and can’t get anywhere else) — the world is going the way of minimalism so don’t waste time and energy.
  • Listen to your clients — they are the end users and they will be able to see things from a fresh point of view.
  • Underpromise and overdeliver — keep your clients happily surprised.
  • Be transparent — keep them on the up and up, honesty goes a long way and can solve almost any problem.
  • Add a personal touch — this is key to creating relationships with clients that impress them and keep them coming back! A hand written card on their birthday (add it to your calendar), getting to know some personal details (but not too many) so you can ask how their daughter’s hobby is going or how the trip they took went.

Custom chocolates with your company logo is the perfect way to add the personal touch and to show your appreciation — that you are willing to go the extra mile. There is a big difference between grabbing something off the shelf of the grocery store and custom designing a gift. And it feels different receiving these gifts, too. One is going to make you feel appreciated and one is not.

Steve Jobs has this great quote for entrepreneurs that we love: “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

It’s true! Taking risks and keeping at it is what it’s all about. Making headway with your clients doesn’t have to be a huge, grand gesture, it can be small, personal and customized.