5 Product Launch Gift Ideas For a Perfect Event

Product Launch Gift Ideas

Product launch events are crucial in getting your product “out there.” A launch event will bring together influencers, potential buyers, and people who will help you spread the word through their own social media accounts.

In order to be successful today, a company or business needs to connect on a personal level with their customers and potential clients. Social media has changed the playing field and these days people want an experience, a story, and a connection. They also want gifts. Good gifts. Gifts they can use and take pictures of and talk about.

Sounds simple? It is. And it isn’t.

Getting the right gift for a launch event takes some foresight and planning. You want it to be exclusive, informative, memorable and with a hit of luxe. You may or may not be working with a tight budget so you might have to get creative because you don’t want to waste time with second-rate gifts that will do more damage to your reputation than good.

But getting creative is part of the fun!

We’ve come up with a list of a few product launch gift ideas that are surefire ways to get your product trending (in a good way!).

Fitness Gear

You might not have the budget to laser engrave your logo onto yoga mats for everyone, but most people love swag they can wear while they work out, or are at least while they are taking selfies at the gym. Whatever works!

So if it’s not a yoga mat you are giving out at the door, don’t worry — there are plenty of other options like nice water bottles (everyone is into sustainability these days), sweatbands or headbands.

Fitness gear usually makes a good impression with a range of people and the health connection can create positive associations for your brand.

Custom Chocolates

We love this idea because, well, it’s chocolate, and because it hits all the criteria. Companies like Totally Chocolate have a huge range of products at all different price points — from individual milk or dark Belgian chocolate coins, bars, towers and even chocolate business cards.

These gifts are great, especially when the chocolate is high quality and memorably good. We love the business card idea because your company’s name and info is laser engraved directly into the chocolate, and it is printed on the packaging too so it won’t be lost after the chocolate is enjoyed.

They have it figured out so with a  few simple clicks to upload some graphics, you can place a custom order in bulk with a quick turnaround and delivery. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Tech Accessories

Even though this sounds pricey, tech accessories don’t have to break the bank, especially when you order in bulk. Some good ideas we have come across that you can emblazon your brand across include:

  • Phone cases/wallet
  • Tablet cases
  • Pop sockets (those things you still on the back of your phone that expand to create a handle to make it easier to hold your phone)
  • USB Drives
  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • Solar phone chargers or portable power banks

Tech accessories usually have a long(ish) shelf life — people are likely to use them for at least a little while. And they are not as easy to lose track of like pens, in other words, most people still assign some value to products like these.

Beauty Products

Of course, this is only going to work with a certain crowd, but more and more people across the board and along the gender spectrum are turning to beauty products.  Beauty is a massive and growing industry.

Beauty products are also a great way to collaborate with a local artisan, which means you can split the cost and tap into double the audience. Why not contact a local candlemaker and come up with a custom scent for your launch? Or an artisan soap, or someone who makes chapstick or hand lotion. There are plenty of opportunities in this field.

Plus beauty products make for easy instagramming and influencers are likely to be drawn to gifts like these, especially if they are high quality and bespoke.


Ok, we know. It sounds simple and maybe a little retro, but stickers still appeal to some and give you a good return on your investment. But you definitely have to consider your demographic here. Who are you appealing to? Who is coming? If you are inviting a serious, corporate crowd, you may want to pass on this idea, but if you are appealing to millennials, stickers might be a great option.

Remember that you want your money to go the distance and stickers are cost-effective and continue to advertise for you long after the event is over. If you get your brand on the back of someone’s computer who frequents a busy coffee shop as part of their remote job, think of how many people will see your logo each day.

If you do go the sticker route, come up with a few different designs — a couple that are intriguing and a couple that are informative. Captivating stickers that don’t have much information can either work for or against you but it’s definitely worth a shot.

Gift strategizing can be tough, but it can also have huge payoffs. Sometimes all it takes is getting your logo onto the right social media page for the buzz to spread. This is part of your marketing budget so make sure you spend some quality time doing research by going to other events and following similar businesses to get ideas.

Remember that with the nature of social media, there is so much that can spin out of control. So what you can control — your product launch gift, for one — needs to be thoughtful and engaging, and a little bit amazing.