12 Acts of Kindness To Sweeten Anyone’s Day

Image of hands holding a heart shaped chocolate

Have you ever had someone do something out of the blue to make you smile? Nothing grand – but maybe a stranger paid you a compliment or someone let you in front of them in the grocery line up, or maybe a friend dropped by with a gift of special chocolates, not because it was your birthday but because they … Read More

5 Logo Branded Chocolate Gifts that will Impress Clients

How and where to get custom business gifts

Are you looking for ways to impress clients? Trying to think of something special that says you appreciate their time (or wish you had more of it!), but that is interesting and memorable? We’ve got some great ideas. And yes, they all have to do with chocolate. We are firm believers that the way to creating a lasting impression is … Read More

Everything you need to know about Tempered Chocolate

tempered chocolate for baking cooking

Have you ever wondered what makes certain chocolate just so… perfect? Of course, high quality ingredients are essential to delicious chocolate, but there is another secret that professional and amateur chocolatiers alike know about. And that is Tempered Chocolate. Not everyone has heard of tempered chocolate, but it’s one of the techniques you need to learn if you are thinking … Read More

Make your own Custom Chocolate Bars

Custom chocolate bars at home

Everyone loves to receive a personalized, homemade gift. Right? You’d have to be made of stone to at least not appreciate the effort that goes into a gift that’s made just for you. Even if it has very clearly not turned out quite like the pictures promised. The same goes for making a gift. While sometimes the project is a … Read More

Custom chocolate is the ultimate treat to say Thanks

When someone does something special for you — hosts a party or offers support — it’s a classy and gracious act to return the sentiment with a Thank You gift. It can be tricky to find the right way to say Thank You. A generic, off-the-shelf item just does not do the trick. A good gift usually checks three boxes: … Read More