End of Summer Blues? Here’s the (Sweet & Custom) Cure

It’s true that some people love Fall so much — the changing colors, the cooler evenings, and the cozy sweaters. Not everyone feels excited about the autumnal shift, though, and havea hard time saying goodbye to the glorious summer (yours truly). While some people are just wistful about the end of summer, it can actually trigger changes in one’s mood … Read More

How to Temper Chocolate?

learn how to properly temper chocolate at home

Making chocolate from home is more than just heating up chocolate chips in the microwave and pouring them into molds. It involves a process that calls for you to “temper” the chocolate. And for many home cooks and bakers, this sounds intimidating. But it’s one of those things, all you have to do is practice once or twice to get … Read More

Is a Square of Dark Chocolate a Day Good For You?

learn about how a square of dark chocolate can bring it to you

The science of dark chocolate is the kind of science everyone can get behind. This rich, decadent, delicious treat has been studied and examined in laboratories (and kitchens) for decades. And since the roots of dark chocolate go back literally thousands of years, there has to be a reason why it’s had this kind of staying power. Every now and … Read More

Does Chocolate Expire?

we provide some recipes to do with expired chocolates

We all know that all too often we buy food that doesn’t get eaten before the “best before” date, and that food sadly ends up in the bin. It’s a shame! And it’s bordering on tragedy when chocolate suffers that same fate. But does chocolate actually expire? What if you come across a bar of forgotten about chocolate in the … Read More

Is Chocolate Gluten-free?

If you are looking for gluten-free chocolate, make sure to check out the ingredient.

There is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation when it comes to gluten-free living. The term “gluten-free” can cause eyes to roll and it has taken on a bit of tarnish, and that’s not really fair. There are many people out there with an intolerance to gluten, in some cases, it is very severe. And more information is coming out … Read More

Does Easter Egg Chocolate Taste Different?

tasting different bunny for easter holiday

Easter is soon approaching, and with it come to the signs of Spring. The first buds appear on the trees and the days get longer. After a very, very long winter, it feels hopeful to see these new beginnings come to life.   Easter actually contains many different symbols. There are the Christian-related symbols related to Jesus dying on the … Read More

Is Soy Lecithin In Chocolate Bad For You?

understand the pros and cons when soy lecithin in chocolate

Pure, high-quality chocolate is something to behold, to enjoy, and to savour. It makes the perfect gift and is great comfort food on good days and bad. Something so versatile and delicious has to be good for you, right?   At its essence, chocolate (in moderate doses) is not bad for you at all. It can even be argued that … Read More

Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate: Scientific Difference

Difference between dark and white chocolate.

Chocolate has become such a universal treat that it’s hard to imagine what the world would be like without it. Chocolate flavors everything from drinks to desserts to even hummus these days! It is an essential component of some of the world’s biggest holiday celebrations like Valentine’s Day and Easter, and it is a common pick me up when you … Read More

An honest look at Chocolate and Caffeine

dark chocolate and caffeine

Obviously here at LoveChocolateLife, we love chocolate. Like, a lot. One of the best things about chocolate is that there is something for everyone. Whether you like dark and bitter or milk and sweet, or spicy, crunchy or smooth… there is a type of chocolate to match your mood. One thing we know is that chocolate is often used as a … Read More

Belgian Chocolate History: Culture and Heritage

Belgian Chocolate culture and history

Belgian Chocolate is truly something special — the combination of history, culture, technique and taste. It is often called the best chocolate in the world, and for good reason. Belgian Chocolate has a rich history, requires a very specific process and uses very particular ingredients in order to create the decadent treat that it is. So, what’s the story behind … Read More