Custom chocolate is the ultimate treat to say Thanks

When someone does something special for you — hosts a party or offers support — it’s a classy and gracious act to return the sentiment with a Thank You gift.

It can be tricky to find the right way to say Thank You. A generic, off-the-shelf item just does not do the trick.

A good gift usually checks three boxes:

  • a) it is often something that someone doesn’t know they want and
  • b) it’s something wouldn’t go out and buy for themselves
  • c) it’s thoughtful and unique

This can be a tough riddle to solve — lots of gifts are one or the other, but not both. We think we may have the answer: custom chocolates.

Custom chocolate is the ultimate treat to say Thank You. And it meets all of our conditions for a good gift. Everyone loves chocolate but they don’t know they want it customized, and most people wouldn’t go out and buy custom chocolates themselves. And custom chocolates are totally and completely unique, special, and thoughtful.

When you customize chocolate, you can really cater to the person you are giving it too. You can include a meaningful date, kind words or an inspiring quote, or even an image of something that commemorates the reason you are thanking them. The possibilities are endless!

On top of that, there are custom chocolate companies that don’t just emblazon poor quality chocolates. They create works of art in terms of quality and deliciousness, with a variety to choose from. There are chocolate bars that come in dark or milk chocolate options, and packaging that can be customized too, making for a whole sensational experience for the person receiving the gift.

We know the gift of gift giving doesn’t always come naturally for some people. Sure you can send a bottle of wine or a gift card, they will probably be appreciated and enjoyed. However, they will likely be soon forgotten. Even if these gifts are lovely, expensive and a treat, they don’t usually capture the personality of the person receiving it.

Our advice? Go for something truly unforgettable and unique.

Of course, we are chocolate fans here and we really believe that chocolate is nearly a perfect gift on its own. But add in some custom engraving on a high quality bar of chocolate, wrapped up in gorgeous packaging and you have something really special and completely unforgettable.