How to Use Chocolate to Improve Your Customer Experience?

little act of client engagement, chocolate is the best choice

Chocolate is universally adored and enjoyed. Look almost anywhere on earth and you will find traditions and cultures that have ties with the treat.


Businesses, too, use chocolate to engage with customers and show client appreciation. It’s the perfect offering for it. With dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate, you are bound to appeal to a person’s tastes. You really can’t go wrong with chocolate.


You can also customize chocolate with your company’s branding so that you appeal to several of your client’s senses at once. Branded chocolate is the perfect way to engage your customers, add some humour and personality to a transaction, and show your clients you are grateful they keep coming back to you.


Here are some common examples of businesses that use chocolate to enhance the customer experience. Taking the extra step to go above and beyond in business pays off with returning customers and ultimately a stable (or growing) clientele and increased profits.


1. Hair and Beauty Salons

How nice is it to get complimentary coffee/tea and decadent chocolate to nibble on while you get your hair done? It can be a long wait to have colour set or your tresses trimmed, and a sweet something is often just what a person needs to enjoy their service.


Handing out chocolates with the bill can also help soften the blow or help encourage a person to tip more. It’s not manipulative, it’s just good customer service.


2. Car Dealerships

Purchasing a vehicle is a big deal for most people, and it can be a process that takes a couple of hours. It’s important to help customers feel that they are not being taken advantage of, especially during this kind of transaction.


Car dealerships don’t always have the best reputation, so little things like adding comfort and luxury with high-quality branded chocolate are a great way to improve the customer experience.


3. Retail

Some people worry about the future of bricks-and-mortar retail, but it still has a lot of life left in it. A retail store does have to compete with online shopping. However, retail has one huge advantage — face-to-face customer interactions and acts of customer appreciation.


An online store can’t hand out delicious chocolates with every purchase, but a retail store can, and with a smile. It’s little acts of client engagement that will help bolster business and keep the lights on.


4. Hotels/Accommodations

Whether you run a massive chain, a boutique motel, or a charming cottage for rent, using chocolate to enhance customer experience is practically a no-brainer.

Even though the idea is quaint, leaving chocolate on guests’ pillows is always a nice treat. There’s a reason why this simple act has persisted for so long. People love it!


5. Spas

People go to spas to treat themselves and to practice self-care. That’s why spas present a great opportunity to really support your clients’ well-being with delicious, mouth-watering chocolate.


Since there might be people on diets and restricted diets, you might want to make sure that low sugar dark chocolate is available. Dark chocolate is the perfect fit to enhance customer engagement at a luxury spa.


6. Doctor and Dentists Offices

It’s always nice to have a little reward after a potentially stressful visit to the dentist or doctor’s office. And while it might seem a little counter-intuitive to have a sweet after such an appointment, we think it’s the perfect thing to soothe the nerves.


Even clients in a clinical setting deserve a little something extra for coming in. We think that a couple bites of sumptuous chocolate is the perfect treat.


7. Banks and Offices

Dealing with money can be stressful for a lot of people — whether it’s asking for a mortgage loan, dealing with debt or inheritance, or paying off bills. When a client enters a bank to deal with their finances, being offered a tasty treat can make the interaction less intense.


The same is true for other kinds of offices. A bowl of chocolates at reception on the way in and out is a nice touch and a great little customer appreciation gift.


8. Restaurants and Cafes

If you’ve ever been to Paris, you know that chocolate and espresso are practically inseparable. The trick works on this side of the pond, too. Serving small, scrumptious chocolate with your branding engraved onto it is the perfect gesture that stays in people’s minds.


When a person is choosing to get a coffee and has to decide between the cafe that serves chocolate with their drinks and one that doesn’t, which do you think they’ll choose?


The same is true at restaurants. Instead of handing out a hard candy with the bill, why not serve your customers a sweet little chocolate to say thank you for coming in.


Finding ways to both build your brand (customizing and handing out chocolate, for example) and build customer loyalty is necessary for growing a business. Of course, there are many ways to show customer appreciation, from interacting on social media to sending handwritten notes, to offering deals and giveaways to clients.


It’s important to be creative because the business world is saturated and noisy — it’s not always easy to stand out.


Remember that you don’t need to do something extravagant to show your clients that you care, you just need to be thoughtful. Chocolate is great because it is appealing and sweet (literally), it’s simple and cost-effective.


Dispatching chocolates to your clientele is definitely worth a try. Think about the last time a business did something extra to make you feel special — the fact that you can remember it attests to the power of these small acts of client appreciation.