Kosher VIP Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Appreciate

Jewish holiday kosher chocolate

Looking for that perfect Kosher gift for the VIP in your life? That can be a tricky one. Let’s take a look at some chocolate options that are sure to impress.

The Hebrew word kosher literally means “fit,” and kosher laws determine the foods that are fit for consumption for Jewish people who keep kosher.

For people who aren’t Jewish, many have a vague understanding or idea of some of the basic tenants of kosher laws. They are often familiar with the certain things like no shellfish or pork, or mixing dairy and meat.

Packaged foods are often clearly labeled as kosher so that those adhering to kosher laws can decide in good faith whether or not those items will end up in their carts. Many people who aren’t Jewish also prefer kosher items, for other personal health or spiritual reasons and because they are produced under strict guidelines.

Why is a Kosher gift a good choice?

According to some counts, one in five people in America follow a kosher diet. While we may never know if our business associates or potential clients follow a strict Kosher diet, isn’t it a nice gesture to take the worry out of the situation?

And if you give someone an amazing chocolate gift that is kosher, they can share it with all the people in their lives, too. It’s just plain nice to provide something that everyone can enjoy.

Is chocolate kosher?

In order to be kosher certified, ingredients must go through a strictly controlled process. Companies producing and manufacturing food are subject to regular inspections to ensure compliance.

All products that grow in the soil or on plants, bushes, or trees are kosher. Cacao beans are plant products, making that element kosher. However, the processing of turning cocoa to chocolate can add ingredients that are not kosher.

Milk products, for example, may or may not be kosher, depending on whether the animal from which it is derived is kosher. According to kosher dietary law, the only types of meat that may be eaten are cattle and game that have “cloven hooves” and “chew the cud.” So yes, cows and their milk are kosher.

In days gone by, it was much easier to label something as kosher or not, since there were fewer steps in the creation and manufacturing of food. Ingredients didn’t travel as far and supplies were simpler and more pure. Nowadays, it is hard to get away from pre-processed ingredients, and to trace those back to their source.

Engraved Corporate Logo Gift in Kosher Chocolate

Now that you have decided to go ahead with a kosher chocolate offering for the executive or VP in your life (or one that you are trying to impress!), why not take it to the next level and personalize the chocolate bar with a corporate logo?

We know that the company Totally Chocolate has kosher certified chocolate, plus you have the added option of custom engraving a message or image directly onto the chocolate, as well as the opportunity to personalize the packaging it comes in.

If you really want to win someone over, the best route is with something personal.

Here’s a fun anecdote to prove how great a personalized gift is: this author has a name with a “unique” spelling, which meant that there was nothing with their name on it when they were a child. Knowing how much this child wanted a personalized anything (literally anything), their parents ordered her a rubber stamp with their name from the local office supplies store. To this day, that gift counts among one of the best.

The takeaway here is that personalized is always best!

Whether it is the company name or logo, ordering a custom engraved chocolate is sure to win over the hearts and minds of the people receiving it. These offerings come in a few different forms — chocolate coins, bars or custom squares. Just make sure you look for the kosher certified symbol or talk to customer service to make sure.

Kosher chocolate in bulk

If you find a good source of kosher chocolate, it is a great idea to order in bulk! As mentioned, it’s not always easy to find kosher certified chocolate. And even if you don’t know for certain that someone keeps kosher, it’s still a thoughtful gesture, one that says “I think about the needs of others.” That can go a long way in impressing your future client or the VIP from whom you want to ask for a promotion or raise.

Things to remember…

In conclusion, if you are going through the process of buying a gift for a VIP, or anyone for that matter, and you want a gift that is going to be enjoyed by everyone, it’s a good idea to buy something that is kosher.

Kosher simply means that the final product has adhered to a Jewish dietary framework for food preparation, processing, and consumption.

Though some slight variations exist, and people are going to decide their own level of strictness, most guidelines prohibit pairing meat and dairy and only allow certain animals to be eaten. Furthermore, foods that are not meat or dairy are generally acceptable if they are produced using kosher equipment and practices.

Because of the way ingredients are procured and food is produced, it is best not to make any assumptions about whether or not something is kosher. Always look for an official kosher certification
One extra thing to note — additional rules may be imposed during religious holidays so do check the calendar before you go ahead and send a food item, even if it is kosher.

We hope this has been helpful and informative. And feel free to report back to us if you have any creative kosher ideas that would make a suitable gift for the CEO in your life!