Why Belgian Chocolate Is So Good

As far as the world’s best chocolate goes, there is one country that has managed to stay at the forefront when it comes to chocolate quality and innovation. Belgium has long been able to claim the title of the producers of the world’s best chocolate, and not without good reason. From the early days of colonial trade, Belgians have had access to some of the world’s highest quality cocoa beans from Congo. With such high quality raw product to work with, it was only a matter of time before Belgian chocolatiers began to emerge as the world’s most innovative and talented chocolate makers, producing the best chocolates available.

Sweet Chocolate Innovations

Today, Belgian chocolate is world renown for its smoothness, flavour and overall quality. A lot of this success is owed to the fact that Belgians began to refine the art of chocolate making with some creative and tasty innovations. Belgian chocolatiers were the first to experiment with different methods of mixing and stirring chocolate to increase its smooth texture and flavour. In fact, these mixing methods became so popular that other world renown chocolate makers from countries like Switzerland (another top quality chocolate producer) began incorporating them into their recipes.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a chocolate treat with any kind of filling, you have Belgian chocolate makers to thank. One particular chocolate maker is responsible for the invention of pralines, which allowed chocolatiers to start filling their chocolate truffles with things like fruit, nougat, cream, caramel, nuts and other chocolates. It all started in 1912 when a man named Jean Neuhaus created a way to put a cold chocolate shell around a desired filling. This helped lead to a massive boom in the popularity of chocolate around the world, especially because Neuhaus’ innovation came at a time when the price of sugar had significantly dropped, giving more people access to foods they hadn’t yet been able to afford.

Belgium Has A Thriving Industry

As the popularity of Belgian chocolate grew throughout the 20th century, the culture of the chocolate industry became deeply rooted in Belgium and directly connected to the country’s reputation. Today, Belgian chocolate is second to none, and is enjoyed by everyone throughout the world as it has been for more than 100 years. This is likely due to the fact that the chocolate industry in Belgium hasn’t strayed too far from its original roots. Although there is a higher and higher demand for quality chocolate around the world which may encourage mass production, many Belgian chocolate makers remain in smaller local operations using the same recipes and ingredients as their predecessors once did.

This attention to detail and commitment to tradition goes a long way towards keeping Belgium as the world’s top chocolate producer. Each year, over 220 000 tons of chocolate is produced in Belgium and sold all over the world, which is great news for any chocolate lover out there. At Totally Chocolate, we are proud to feature a number of quality products made with Belgium chocolate. To find the perfect sweet treat made with the world’s best chocolate, be sure to contact us by phone, or check out the great selection on our product page today!