2021 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

learn more about what gifts you can prepare for this holiday

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, and the airwaves are filled with those familiar holiday tunes.

Yes, it is that time already — time for the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

This year, we are focusing on the most creative chocolate ideas, so that you can show your friends, family, colleagues, and clients how truly special they are. Because what says “Thanks for being you” and/or “Happy Holidays,” and/or “What on Earth happened to 2021” besides than delicious, high-quality chocolate?

As a side note: It’s been a wild couple of years for a lot of people, and especially for small businesses everywhere. We encourage you to shop locally and to support companies in your neighbourhood first and foremost, then maybe your state and at least your country! And if you are purchasing online, like ordering custom chocolates perhaps, it’d be best to get started and get your orders in sooner than later! There’s nothing worse than an empty stocking or an I.O.U where a present should have been!

So here it is, the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Christmas, Hanukkah, or a winter celebration that best suits you.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Christmas

High-End Hot Chocolate Mix

What’s better than warming up with a hot cup of hot chocolate? Suitable for kids and adults, there are plenty of amazing hot chocolate options out there to choose from.

You can do a mixed pack option and create your own hot chocolate gift basket, finding a few different types and flavours and putting them together in a cute way, with some other goodies on the side. Or you can go big and splurge on a tin/bag of the best you can find. Hot chocolate appeals to that little kid inside of us all and wins points for nostalgia and straight-up deliciousness.

Customized Chocolate

Creating and giving customized chocolate is one of the best holiday gifts out there. There are so many options, you can use your creativity, and it’s special and unique!

You can order different shapes and chocolate flavours (Belgian milk or dark chocolate), then have the imaginative visual messages of your choice directly laser engraved onto the chocolate of your choice!

Choose a message that is personal — perhaps a meaningful quote, image or date that commemorates an event, and then take it up a notch by personalizing the packaging, too (which also saves you from gift wrapping).

Customized chocolates are perfect because they bring your vision to life, and are perfect for family, friends, and colleagues. You can get them surprise delivered  straight to the recipient, even if they live on the other side of the country! Get your orders in soon, though and the holidays will be here in a flash!

Classic Belgian Chocolate Bar

Who doesn’t love a simple, classic chocolate bar? No matter your age, there is still the thrill of excitement when unwrapping and biting down into that treat, especially when we are anticipating some high-end, delicious Belgian chocolate that is a little extra special.

Decadent Belgian chocolate bars or other specialty chocolates that are made in small batches from your local chocolatier are definitely worth the extra money. You can also do a variety pack with a handful of really fun chocolate bars. Pick some dark chocolate, some experimental options (with chillies or flower petals), some classic milk chocolate, and a custom chocolate bar for good measure. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect gift?

Kosher Chocolate

Taking the extra steps to know the preferences of your recipients shows that you care. And for those celebrating Hanukkah, be sure that you are seeking out kosher chocolate. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of options available.

A little background: in order to be kosher certified, ingredients must go through a strictly controlled process. Companies that claim to produce kosher foods face regular inspections to ensure compliance. Look for legitimate kosher-certified emblems on the packaging so you can rest assured that what you are getting is really kosher.

Milk products, and therefore milk chocolate products are generally kosher, as are cacao beans (because they are plant products). However, the processing of turning cocoa to chocolate can add ingredients that are not kosher. So do your due diligence to make sure you are treating your Jewish friends with the respect they deserve.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes make an amazing holiday gift because you can really customize the gift per recipient and because they get gifts year-round! And may we recommend a chocolate subscription box?

Chocolate subscription boxes are so much fun and really the perfect gift. They come in a range of price points and options, and it will make the recipient feel special again and again. And isn’t that really what gift giving is all about? Search for different options online and you will find a whole world of chocolate options from incredible chocolate bars to boxes of chocolates to other interesting chocolate creations.

There you have it — some wonderful chocolate gift ideas to make holiday gift-giving a little bit easier this year. Remember, when it comes to gift-giving, think special, creative, delicious, personalized, and customized to the recipient.

If you can, go the little extra mile to let the person receiving the gift that they are worth the effort. If that means finding a kosher gift, the effort will mean something special.

Holiday gift-giving doesn’t have to be stressful and it doesn’t have to break the bank. We know it gets tossed around a lot, but it really is the thought that counts! A special chocolate gift is something that most people don’t buy themselves, and the best part is that they’ll probably share it with you!

Wishing you happy holidays and we hope you are looking forward to a calm, healthy 2022.