How to Save on Wedding Favors

wedding chocolates

Planning a wedding is an exciting time in life, but wedding planning can also quickly take on a life of its own. Even with a lot of foresight, organized spreadsheets, a strict budget and the solemn promise you will stay within it, costs can still get out of control. It’s hard not to get swept up in the millions of … Read More

5 Product Launch Gift Ideas For a Perfect Event

Product Launch Gift Ideas

Product launch events are crucial in getting your product “out there.” A launch event will bring together influencers, potential buyers, and people who will help you spread the word through their own social media accounts. In order to be successful today, a company or business needs to connect on a personal level with their customers and potential clients. Social media … Read More

Differences Between a Christmas Gift Basket & Gift Box Tower

We love being a part of the sweet world of gift giving, it is really a treat for us to hear from our satisfied customers who let us know how excited someone was to receive a gift from Totally Chocolate. At Totally Chocolate, they always strive to make it simple and clear for our amazing customers to order chocolates or … Read More

5 Logo Branded Chocolate Gifts that will Impress Clients

How and where to get custom business gifts

Are you looking for ways to impress clients? Trying to think of something special that says you appreciate their time (or wish you had more of it!), but that is interesting and memorable? We’ve got some great ideas. And yes, they all have to do with chocolate. We are firm believers that the way to creating a lasting impression is … Read More

Kosher VIP Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Appreciate

Jewish holiday kosher chocolate

Looking for that perfect Kosher gift for the VIP in your life? That can be a tricky one. Let’s take a look at some chocolate options that are sure to impress. The Hebrew word kosher literally means “fit,” and kosher laws determine the foods that are fit for consumption for Jewish people who keep kosher. For people who aren’t Jewish, … Read More

Everything you need to know about Tempered Chocolate

tempered chocolate for baking cooking

Have you ever wondered what makes certain chocolate just so… perfect? Of course, high quality ingredients are essential to delicious chocolate, but there is another secret that professional and amateur chocolatiers alike know about. And that is Tempered Chocolate. Not everyone has heard of tempered chocolate, but it’s one of the techniques you need to learn if you are thinking … Read More

Make your own Custom Chocolate Bars

Custom chocolate bars at home

Everyone loves to receive a personalized, homemade gift. Right? You’d have to be made of stone to at least not appreciate the effort that goes into a gift that’s made just for you. Even if it has very clearly not turned out quite like the pictures promised. The same goes for making a gift. While sometimes the project is a … Read More

Group buy Chocolate Gift Sets Under $10 for Mom – Buy in bulk to save!

Mother's day wholesale chocolate group buy

Mom’s special day is approaching fast, so it’s time to start thinking about how you will show her just how loved and appreciated she is on Mother’s Day. One perfect gift option that almost any mother will love is chocolate, and with customizable chocolate options you can go the extra mile to make mom feel cherished this Mother’s Day. The … Read More

Baby Shower Party Custom Cookie Ideas

baby shower favors chocolate

Baby showers are a really special way to come together and celebrate a new baby and mama. In the past, baby showers always followed a similar format—the mother-to-be’s closest friends and female relatives would gather on a Sunday afternoon (usually) for tea and treats. There might be some games and mingling, and some baby pictures of the parents everyone giggles … Read More

Unique & Luxury Corporate Gifts Wholesale

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If you have found the perfect gift that you know your colleagues, customers and staff will love, why buy just one? When it comes to buying corporate gifts, wholesale chocolate is the way to go! Because it’s not easy finding just the right corporate gift, one that checks all the boxes. Corporate gifts should be: unique and special but not … Read More