12 Acts of Kindness To Sweeten Anyone’s Day

Image of hands holding a heart shaped chocolate

Have you ever had someone do something out of the blue to make you smile? Nothing grand – but maybe a stranger paid you a compliment or someone let you in front of them in the grocery line up, or maybe a friend dropped by with a gift of special chocolates, not because it was your birthday but because they … Read More

5 Product Launch Gift Ideas For a Perfect Event

Product Launch Gift Ideas

Product launch events are crucial in getting your product “out there.” A launch event will bring together influencers, potential buyers, and people who will help you spread the word through their own social media accounts. In order to be successful today, a company or business needs to connect on a personal level with their customers and potential clients. Social media … Read More

Differences Between a Christmas Gift Basket & Gift Box Tower

We love being a part of the sweet world of gift giving, it is really a treat for us to hear from our satisfied customers who let us know how excited someone was to receive a gift from Totally Chocolate. At Totally Chocolate, they always strive to make it simple and clear for our amazing customers to order chocolates or … Read More

5 Logo Branded Chocolate Gifts that will Impress Clients

How and where to get custom business gifts

Are you looking for ways to impress clients? Trying to think of something special that says you appreciate their time (or wish you had more of it!), but that is interesting and memorable? We’ve got some great ideas. And yes, they all have to do with chocolate. We are firm believers that the way to creating a lasting impression is … Read More

Kosher VIP Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Appreciate

Jewish holiday kosher chocolate

Looking for that perfect Kosher gift for the VIP in your life? That can be a tricky one. Let’s take a look at some chocolate options that are sure to impress. The Hebrew word kosher literally means “fit,” and kosher laws determine the foods that are fit for consumption for Jewish people who keep kosher. For people who aren’t Jewish, … Read More

Unique & Luxury Corporate Gifts Wholesale

corporate gifting gift

If you have found the perfect gift that you know your colleagues, customers and staff will love, why buy just one? When it comes to buying corporate gifts, wholesale chocolate is the way to go! Because it’s not easy finding just the right corporate gift, one that checks all the boxes. Corporate gifts should be: unique and special but not … Read More

Office Gift Trends: Universal Cell Accessories

Office gift trends

Let’s face it office gifting can be hit and miss. Not everyone is a huge fan of chocolate. In fact, there are actually some people out there that have no interest in eating chocolate at all! Even a custom made chocolate treat that is specifically personalized isn’t for everyone. When looking for gift related ideas for your employees or fellow … Read More

Thoughtful Business Client Gifts That Go a Long Way

Thoughtful unique business gift ideas

In today’s fast-paced world where anonymous online transactions are starting to overshadow the importance of personalized service, many business owners are still finding success by adding a personal touch to their client relationships. Taking the time to establish a strong personal relationship with a client can not only encourage future business, it can also help you establish a positive reputation … Read More

Traps to Avoid with International Gift Giving!

avoid these international culture business gifting mistakes

Thanks to major technological improvements that have been introduced over the past few years, shipping gifts and goods internationally has become very simple and convenient. People can easily make a positive impression with friends and business associates located around the world when they ship gift related items over seas. One problem that some people run into when shipping gifts internationally … Read More