Chocolate As the Best Way To Keep In Touch With Your Customers

chocolate is a best way to keep in touch with your customer

The way business is done today looks and feels different than it did even just a few years ago. With social media and influencers, startups, collaborations, and megacorporations — the whole landscape of commerce are different than it once was.


As a business owner, success can hinge on your relationships with your customers. How do you want to keep in touch with them? What’s the best way to represent your brand in the wider world? How do you communicate what’s happening in your business to the customers you want to come back again and again?


It’s probably no shock that we think the best way to keep in touch has to do with chocolate. But there are other ways, too.

Here are some of the best tips to keep in touch with your customers (both with and without chocolate).


7 Tips Tips To Keep In Touch With Your Customers

Build Social Media Relationships

A little give and take on social media is always a great way to help people feel appreciated. Comment on your followers’ posts, or host contests that encourages people to re-post your own. You could do a giveaway that includes a customized chocolate bar!


Building relationships on social media also boosts your brand and helps gain exposure because other people will see how much time and energy you invest your customers. This is how word spreads about how great your business is!


Go to Trade Shows

Trade shows are great to gain a wide range of eyes on your business. They are a great opportunity to build relationships with customers and other business owners. One of the best things about trade shows is that you can make an impression with free giveaways. And you know what the best free giveaway is? That’s right. Chocolate.


You can order a case of custom chocolate coins or chocolate business cards that have your web address custom engraved onto it. With chocolate, you will make a huge impression in a sea of other businesses, guaranteed.


Write Newsletters

This is always a bit more work than a person who thinks they might be, but they do have a big impact. It’s a great way to build loyalty and to communicate with your consumer base. You can also engage them with giveaways and limited time discount offers. Do some research to find out how not to bombard your customers — writing a newsletter once a month is usually enough, for both you and for them!


Recognize Birthdays

Who doesn’t love getting an extra birthday message, especially from the places we spend our money on?! It’s easy to set up an automated birthday message for your customers, as long as you get them to input their date of birth when they sign up with you.


You don’t have to send out a handwritten card, but if you have the time or capacity to do so, you’ll have customers for life. And if you slip in a customized chocolate “Happy Birthday” treat into that card, your customers will tell their friends and family how amazing it is to do business with you.


Keep Detailed Records

Having extra details recorded about your clients and customers is easy to do and helps you build personal relationships with them so they feel cared about. A customer is more likely to return if there is a human connection between the two of you.


Building a personal record database of your clients doesn’t have to be invasive, and you don’t have to go digging for information. But if something comes up — preferences they have, family members, places they like to travel — means that you will be able to cater your customer service more deliberately toward them.


Offer a Little Something Extra

If you have a brick and mortar location, it’s always nice to have something for the customers who walk through the door. If you have a bowl of individually wrapped small customized chocolates near the til or near the door, it’s a great touch. (The same goes for dog treats!)


Keep an Updated Website

Yes, it’s nice to reach out to your clients, but they will often seek you out, too, via your online presence. So you best be sure to have a simple, clean website with a strong blog and one that is compatible with mobile devices. Keep your hours, catalogue and any news you might have up to date.


You should also link to your social media channels so that customers can choose which method they want to engage with. Each will have their own preferences — make sure you keep that in mind so that you aren’t favouring one demographic over another.



Having a good method of keeping in touch with your customers has a lot of benefits. Whether its through social media, updates to a highly trafficked website or having a mailing list — it is important to be able to reach the people you serve.


This way, you can easily update them on your new products or services, let them know how you are responding to something like a global pandemic, or keep them informed of your successes!


Of course, we always love adding that extra touch of something sweet and personal — like having customized chocolates on hand to give out at trade shows or when your customers come in to make a purchase. It’s these little things that go such a long way in building a successful relationship with customers.


We hope this was helpful and if you have any other sweet suggestions or need any chocolate for customer, we would love to hear about them.