End of Summer Blues? Here’s the (Sweet & Custom) Cure

It’s true that some people love Fall so much — the changing colors, the cooler evenings, and the cozy sweaters. Not everyone feels excited about the autumnal shift, though, and havea hard time saying goodbye to the glorious summer (yours truly).

While some people are just wistful about the end of summer, it can actually trigger changes in one’s mood and mental health. But there are things you can do to have a smooth transition into Fall because no matter how badly you wish it weren’t happening, seasons have a way of changing whether you want them to or not.

If you are experiencing the end of summer blues, here are a few things you can do to look forward to the fall weather ahead.

Face it head-on

When we confront change rather than try to ignore it or pretend that it’s not happening, it can make the transition more difficult to deal with than it needs to be. Doing things at home that signals the move into colder weather will get your body and mind prepared for what’s ahead, and maybe even a little excited about it.

A few things you can do to face fall head on include:

  • washing and packing up your summer clothes into rubber bins (out of sight, out of mind!)
  • starting to incorporate more seasonal fall flavors into your food (not just pumpkin spice, but other warmer-tasting teas like chai lattes)
  • cleaning up your outdoor space, trimming back the garden, and putting things away for the season

Soak up sunshine while you can

Vitamin D is essential for mood regulation, so making sure to spend time outside on sunny days, even if it’s a bit chilly, is a good idea to make sure that your hormones are going to be able to handle the switch.

If you live in a region that has a rainy or overcast fall, consider investing in a good supplement that contains Vitamin D and other mood boosting vitamins, or investing in a lamp that mimics sunlight can really do wonders on helping with the lack of natural Vitamin D.

Exercise and Diet

It can be tempting to hunker down and binge watch that series you’ve heard so much about, and spend the fall snacking from the sofa. Those warm, cheesy pasta dishes and pizzas sound a lot more appealing in the colder months than they do on sunny days where you can’t imagine turning the oven on. There’s nothing wrong with having comfort food, but remember that it is best balanced with moderation and making sure you get some movement in every day.

Especially during the cooler months when it’s less tempting to go out for a morning run, but for the sake of mental health and well-being, it’s important to keep up with exercise and a balanced diet that includes fresh veggies and healthy meals.

Enjoy some dark chocolate

Keeping in mind everything we mentioned about moderation, enjoying some dark chocolate can actually be very good for people’s mood and mental health. In fact, studies have shown that people suffering from depression can experience some relief from eating dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains mood-enhancing components like:

  • flavanols — nutrients that protect the brain
  • caffeine and theobromine — great for energy and for brain function
  • N-acylethanolamines — a fatty acid that can bring on feelings of euphoria
  • phenylethylamine — increases the release of brain chemicals like norepinephrine and dopamine

Not to mention that chocolate is simply delicious and by eating it, especially if you are feeling a bit blue, it can be just the treat to make you feel better. We all need a treat every now and again!

Do something nice for someone else

One of the best ways to get out of a funk is to get up and do something helpful for someone. A simple act of generosity and kindness can be all that’s needed to get out of one’s own head and to shift a mindset into one of appreciation and gratitude.

This can include volunteering some time with a local community organization, or it can mean buying a gift for someone you love. And to really make it special, you can gift someone something really personal and sweet, like a customized chocolate. Come up with a special message, like the date you met or a quote that is meaningful for the two of you and have it laser engraved directly onto a delicious, high quality chocolate bar, and then have it delivered directly to their door.

Plan something fun

It doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip to somewhere tropical (though that wouldn’t hurt) but having something in the books to look forward to means that the present day suffering of the impending cold weather just won’t be that bad.

A weekend away, a nice little road trip somewhere different or even a stay-cation can do the trick — just something to shake things up is always a good way to bust up a funk. Knowing that there is something fun and exciting on the horizon is a great way to beat the end of summer blues.

We are always looking for ways to enjoy life and improve our moods, and of course we think that chocolate is a nice, easy and accessible way to feel better when things are a little heavy or sad. Of course, if there are serious and severe mental health issues at play, getting help is the first and foremost thing. But for a small case of the post summer blues, little things can go a long way — diet, exercise, sunshine, and, of course, chocolate!