How to Save on Wedding Favors

wedding chocolates

Planning a wedding is an exciting time in life, but wedding planning can also quickly take on a life of its own. Even with a lot of foresight, organized spreadsheets, a strict budget and the solemn promise you will stay within it, costs can still get out of control.

It’s hard not to get swept up in the millions of decisions – it’s a once in a lifetime event! But you really don’t want to wake up the day after your wedding with spender’s regret and deeply in debt.

Couples are often looking for ways to balance the budget during the wedding planning process and one simple way is to take on some DIY projects. There are plenty of things you can do yourself leading up to the wedding.

Today, we will talk about budget-friendly and very charming wedding favours. We’ve come up with a list of some great wedding favor ideas that will help you save money and impress your guests at the same time.

DIY Favors that you can actually do!

Wedding favours are one of those classic traditions that people look forward to. Who doesn’t love a memento from an amazing event? Especially one that is thoughtful and useful. Here are some wonderfully creative ideas that are special and unique.

Custom chocolates

wedding chocolates

Most people are generally starving by the time dinner is served at a wedding, so having custom chocolates as a wedding favor at each place setting means that they might be gone before long.

Custom chocolates are an excellent way to commemorate nuptials and can be ordered in a wide array of shapes and flavors. They are simple to order and can be personalized with a message that captures the happy couple. They can be engraved with a special quote about love and commitment or the date of the wedding. Some companies will even be able to laser engrave a high quality rendering of a picture of the newly united.

Plus, when you order custom chocolates in bulk you will save money on quantity and shipping. And they can be used throughout the event – they can be put out at night as a part of the midnight snack (if that is part of the menu), and they can adorn the cake, too. Any leftovers can be placed in a dish at the gift opening event the next day or placed in the thank you cards that are sent out after the wedding. If there are still leftovers after that, they will come in handy to indulge in yourself!

Packets of seeds or sapling

We came across this idea at a boho/rustic style wedding and thought it was so clever! Of course, it will have to be customized to the climate at hand but a small package of starter seeds, bulbs, or a little sapling to be planted when the guests get home is both charming and symbolic of a marriage and a new life starting together. It’s a gift that will keep on giving!

Homemade fortune cookies

This is a great idea that can be done ahead of time and that adds a great personal touch. Honestly, it’s a simple DIY project that is not too complicated. Baking fortune cookies at home is surprisingly easy and coming up with messages for inside the cookies is so much fun. (You can always look online for pre-written messages if that’s a daunting task.)

Homemade or custom care products

You can buy slabs of artisan soap in bulk or make mini mason jars of homemade salve (honestly it’s easier than it sounds). Then print beautiful tags with the wedding date and a sweet quote and tie it all together with some rustic string. Voila! You have a sweet wedding favor that looks like it came from the pages of a magazine, all at a very affordable price.

Custom bottle opener/fridge magnet/ shot glass

A little home décor might seem a bit overdone but there is a reason why gifts like these persist… people love and use them! Plus you can find companies who will sell in bulk and custom engrave or print with the couple’s names and the wedding date at an affordable price.

Something very personal

Are you and your partner known for being bookworms? Wine connoisseurs? Tea lovers? Outdoor enthusiasts? Whatever it is that brings you together, try and come up with a way to share that with your guests. Or spend some time thinking of something that symbolizes your first date or a charming part of your love story. Find something cute and customize it yourself. It doesn’t have to be wild and expensive, sometimes the most meaningful things come free, as long as there is an emotional story behind it.

Still stuck for ideas? The internet is an endless source of creativity and inspiration. Remember to choose something that is manageable and within your budget. Then, try and test one or two to see if you have the chops to do it. (Lots of online tutorials make things seem much easier than they actually are so before you go and blow your budget on DIY wedding favors, experiment with a small sample first.)

Saving money during the wedding with cost-cutting measures and DIY projects can also be a bonding activity and a nice way to decompress in the evenings.

If you are going to attempt your own wedding favors, give yourself plenty of time to get it done. There is nothing more stressful than trying to cram a craft project into a tight timeline. And if you are ordering something like custom chocolates online, make sure you plan ahead so they are delivered on time. It would be a shame to receive a box of bulk chocolates with your face on them a week after the wedding was done! (Though that actually sounds pretty great.)